Originated in the late 1800’s and made famous by your parents in the 1960’s, pre-roll joints have been a staple of every generation. Today, this cannabis icon can often be found displayed on the counter tops of every dispensary branded in pre roll joint packaging that keeps your marijuana secure and fresh. Whether you’re selling individual pre-rolls, or multi-packs, KYND’s pre roll packaging is customized to deliver the brand appeal your customers desire. After all, with the right pre roll joint packaging, your pre rolls become both enticing and convenient to customers. If your company is looking for customized joint packaging, simply select a pre roll packaging category below and submit a quote today!

Pre-Roll Metal Tins

Pre-Roll Metal Tins

Long associated with style and fashion, customized pre-roll tins are a perfect companion for your mini, or full-size joints.
Pre-Roll Boxes

Pre-Roll Boxes

Whether it is a single or five-pack, communicate your brands elegance with a customized pre-roll box.
Paper Pre-Roll Tubes

Paper Pre-Roll Tubes

Our recyclable and biodegradable paper pre-roll tubes are the perfect retail packaging and travel companion for your pre-roll joints.
Pre-Roll Pouches

Pre-Roll Pouches

Preserve your joints in a vertical, or horizontal pre-roll pouch equipped with tamper evident and child-resistant closures.
Child-resistant Glass Tube " alt:Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes" />

Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes

Display, store and secure your marijuana joints in a standard cone shaped push and turn pre-roll tube.
Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tubes

Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tubes

Designed to seal in freshness, lengthen potency and protect from rough handling. Just squeeze and pop to open.


Select your Packaging

Are you looking to rebrand your cannabis products? Not sure what colors or sizes you need? With so many different pre roll packaging types available, you might be struggling to make the right selection for your business. We can help!

Our team can help with the flow of packaging material for your business, from joint pre roll packaging to tins and beyond, we’ll coordinate your entire line of product packaging.

Pre rolls are among the most highly purchased cannabis products purchased from dispensaries. Easy to consume, these premade joints are an excellent opportunity to drive your brand home. Customers love them because they’re so convenient and you’ll love our pre roll packaging solutions for the freshness and quality they bring to your products.

Select Your Size and Material

Once you know what type of cannabis pre roll packaging is right for your business, the next step is to select both the size and materials for your products. Hemp pre roll packaging is available in different size and material options. These include boxes, paper, tins, metal, plastic, glass and more. Factors that will determine the type of materials you want include their safety, functionality, sustainability, and shelf-life. We can help you pick out the right size and material for your cannabis products.

Make it Your Own

Showcasing your brand via your logo is a critical part of selecting your cannabis connected packaging solutions. It is also one of the very first things that customers notice about your brand. At KYND, we offer multiple unique customizable options for your pre roll joints along with our standard sizing options for all cannabis packaging products. Our customization offers a variety of graphic design services that accurately display your brand’s message. From logos to color schemes, we can perfectly match your style request regardless of your vision.

Build a Quote

Our connected packaging solutions offer you everything you need to perfectly brand, preserve, and sell your cannabis products. After you fill out a quote through our website, our expert team will get back to you with an accurate price quote for your custom packaging solution needs. Additionally, we strive to maximize your logistical footprint to optimize your packaging investment. Get in touch with us today!


We’ll point you in the right direction!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Can I Buy Pre Roll Packaging Wholesale?

You can buy pre roll packaging wholesale products right here with KYND! We offer everything from primary packaging to connected packaging solutions to stock your business. Get great deals on all your cannabis packaging needs.

  • What Are the Different Types of Pre Roll Joint Packaging?

There are many different types of pre roll joint packaging solutions available. These include pop-top tubes, child resistant pre-roll tins, custom cigarette boxes, glass pre-roll tubes, and more. Depending on your branding goals, your packaging needs may vary.

  • Does My Business Need Joint Packaging?

Yes! If you sell joints, you definitely need joint packaging. Cannabis pre roll packaging is an important part of connected packaging solutions, so it’s important to find a company who can meet your branding needs.

  • What to Know About Pre-Roll Packaging

Custom pre roll packaging has so many options available that you might not know where to start. Our team makes it easier by defining the best solutions for your needs. Meet your customers’ needs by providing fresh cannabis flower joints perfectly preserved within pre roll packaging.